We make every effort to be blunt and truthful.

Too much government action and inaction is excused, the “dance” around simple truth and common sense.
Worse is overly technical BS.

ALL opposing views welcome. If you defend your actions, we will apologize, and retract.


sucks (sʌks) interj

1. an expression of disappointment
2. an exclamation of defiance or derision (esp in the phrase yah boo sucks to you)


slang, sometimes vulgar :  to be objectionable or inadequate <our lifestyle sucksPlayboy> <people who went said it sucked — H. S. Thompson>

This is about us, our view that we are disappointed in government actions and inactions that are objectionable and inadequate.

More like about time.

Or does anyone imagine that government is never objectionable or inadequate?

From the mouths of our babes … http://thatsnotfair.ca/about-us/

Mr Trudeau: Will you consider the “Acorn test” before changes to our electoral system? Before having a policy of speaking french only in Quebec ?

What about your budget or your open-and-accountable-government, through the “Acorn” lens?

The “Acorn Test?”

1) WHY?  What was the purpose for the new rule? —What were you trying to achieve?
2) DID IT WORK?  Did or would the new rule achieve its purpose? And maybe most importantly…
3) WHAT ELSE HAPPENED? did the budget balance itself? how long, after you’re gone, will our little kids pay your bills?
       Our debt increases at 3 million dollars per hour – how many lifetimes will it take? http://www.debtclock.ca