OPEN LETTER TO: Mayor, Ian McLeod, 20870 Concession 5 Road, Green Valley, ON K0C 1L0, Cell: 613-363-4759
Township Fax: 613-347-3411


As you know on  November 7, 2016 the Township of South Glengarry provided a FINAL Decision to grant access to:

“records, documents and materials sent by Solicitor Eldon Horner to the Township including legal fees, pertaining to all court proceedings involving Andy Szabo”  FINAL-DECISION

The IPC provided a Notice of Inquiry, Pg 2. para 4, which noted the Township’s decision to grant “access to the records in full.”

The Clerk Ms M Lebrun stated very clearly “During the adjudication process, the adjudicator and the Head discussed the following request and you were advised you that we no longer wish to rely on section 12 of the Act to withhold the records.

The Fact is that to date The Township has not granted full access to a single record.

The IPC Interim Order of Oct 25 2017 IPCOct252017 noted: “In this interim order, I find that the township did not provide sufficient evidence
that it conducted a reasonable search, and order it to provide further evidence regarding the scope of the request and the nature of the searches conducted for responsive records.”

Mr Mayor, the Freedom of Information request was made March 9, 2016. In fact, Mr L MacDonald, did find records, but Ms Lebrun, denied access.

Can you please advise the Clerk to finally perform a reasonable search and grant access to the records in full, as she had indeed committed to , in her own words.

Your reply, will be published, in full and unredacted to provide a clear public record.


Sincerely Yours

Andy Szabo

November 27, 2017