A Proud Canadian
Fiercely proud of our heroic Truckers, Doctors, Nurses, Farmers, Firefighters
Standing together with their families
For Freedom, Freedom of Speech, our children, our Future, our Canada.

I am disgusted by our prime minister, who was elected to represent/protect/defend Canadians Instead he and his bourgeoisie are portraying themselves as “working hard”
Working hard? Yes to divide, exploit and profit from our heroic freedom fighters
Bourgeoisie who see us all as deplorables they must mandate

Bourgeoisie who use racial divisive slurs, to exploit and profit from us ‘miserables’.

Be a Proud Canadian – be proud of Canada’s Flag around the world in New Zealand

In Paris

The US Flags, are now Canadian Flags – even in the US they FLY high in support of our truckers!

Around the world freedom fighters hold our flag in their hearts, hold it high for the world to see their support for OUR heroic Truckers

Support and Speak up for our freedom, our Truckers, our heros