M Trudeau,

It says here Official Languages Act (1969) – The Canadian Encyclopedia was established by Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

In 1988, the Official Languages Act of 1969 was repealed and replaced with a new Official Languages Act, mainly to promote the official rights of linguistic minorities in accordance with the most recent developments in Canadian language policy.

Circa 2017 (or before) you, M Trudeau, has (had) a new policy. “In Quebec, I speak French“.

J’Accuse, M Trudeau

I accuse PM Trudeau of having been the diabolical agent of this affair, through years of concealed machinations.

I accuse the Prime Minister of having this concealed, unlawful, unethical agenda. This is a breach of trust, by you, a public official.

I accuse the Liberal Party of being accomplices in the same crime.

And finally, I accuse the above, as those actions, in turn, conspired to deny the rights of all Anglo minorities, throughout Canada.

In making these accusations, I am aware that, perhaps you may have acted in error, and I judge too quickly, too harshly, but I take this action, only to hasten the explosion of truth and justice.

Can you please explain to us all, was it haste? misadventure? a momentary lapse of memory of the post you hold?

Canada, this web site, welcomes your explanation.

We are waiting.